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FrizzentiTo ensure all our customers have the best possible products, we taste tested many varieties of Proesecco (What a great couple of weeks) before deciding on the Frizzenti brand. Frizzenti Prosecco is a light sparkling wine produced in Italy’s Veneto region. It is made from the Glera (Prosecco) grape. Vinification takes place in special stainless steel vats using the Charmat method, which preserves the fruit and freshness of the wine. It is recognisable by its light straw colour and delicate fruity aroma and flavour.

We sell it by the glass, in a 75cl bottle (Frizzenti Prosecco DOP) and also on-tap (Vino Frizzante). When the Fizz is poured direct from the keg, we have to call this Vino Frizzenti due to EU laws. The bottles and kegs we supply contain exactly the same product. Italian law however states that liquid can only be called Prosecco if it is served from a glass bottle with a volume of no more than three litres.

Back in 2009 the name of the Prosecco grape was changed to Glera. “Prosecco” is now a protected designation of origin and can only refer to wines produced in that region.

Mobile Prosecco Cocktail VanEstrella DamnWe also taste tested many beers before deciding on Estrella Damm (Quality is key!) Estrella Damm is a 4.6% ABV premium, authentic lager from Barcelona. A genuine import from the iconic, cultural city in the Mediterranean that brings the essence of the Mediterranean ‘way of life’ to its drinkers. It is a beer that appeals to both male and female consumers seeking something authentic and cultured, who live their passionate, relaxed, fun-filled lives surrounded by friends, art and creativity and are prepared to pay more for their experiences Estrella Damm has been recognised on numerous occasions with prestigious prizes awarded in Vienna 1904, London 1905, Munich 1906, Paris 1964 and at The World Beer Championship Australia 1998 and The World Beer Championship Chicago 2004.


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